Peristaltic Pump PCF8575 16 channel expander

I have created this new Peristaltic output for PCF8575. I can import it and add it successfully in output section but the problem is I am not able to operate any relay using this. On the other side the PCF8575 On/Off output works perfectly so there is no any kind of connection error. There are no errors in mycodo log as well.
Please help me to resolve this issue.
Vikram (17.5 KB)

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Hi Vikram,

It doesn’t appear that you’re using the PCF8575 class from the module. You kept the PCF8574 class in the new pump output module you are using. If you compare the with you’ll see the classes at the end to control the devices are different.

Thank you. I will try to do the changes that you suggested, but with my limited knowlwdge of coding I think it will be difficult for me to get success. Still I will give it a try.
Thanks for your help

Give it a shot and if you can’t get it working, I’ll see if I can build a module for you to test when I have some time. Let me know how it goes and any errors or updates to the module you’re developing.

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Oh… That’s the inspiration I needed. I will definitely work on this now. I will post any issue or errors here if I am not able to resolve
Thanks Kyle for your support.

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