PH Probe giving wrong data when put in the water's greenhouse

we are using the SEN0161 v1 from (Analog PH Sensor) DFRobot.

The sensor gives correct reading when tested with the provided buffer / testing liquids, but gives wrong readings when put in the aquaponics water.
We know the water is not that basic due to another PH chemical tester we have for comparaison.

We are using the probe with an ADS1115 adc module, in conjuction with another EC probe, which behaves correctly.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Have you isolated your power source(s) so they don’t interfere with measurements?

I’ve tested the isolator module from DFRobot, and this is apparently solving the issue.
I’ll read and check this thread to understand better the problem. Also: I’m noting that there they use two isolator, but elsewhere I read just one is enough.

Will dig more into this.
Thanks for now!

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