Pi to Pi image communications

Hi, I am needing to do dual image capturing over time and then perform CV image processing. My first option was to use the Waveshare camera scheduler, however, to my disappointment, it does not work with two IMX219 RPi cameras.

I am now exploring alternative options that are cheaper than buying the Arducam adapter. I am able to source an extra Pi and would like to know if it is possible to either have photos of the one Pi transferred to the other Pi for image processing or if the same MyCodo account could operate over two Pi’s/be linked somehow.

Please excuse my IoT ignorance - any advice/direction would be appreciated.

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The Function Backup to Remote Host (rsync) was added to the latest release, which allows backing up settings, measurements, or photos to a remote computer using rsync. You could create a dummy camera on the remote computer and use this Function to send the photos to that camera’s stills directory. This would effectively act as though that remote camera were taking photos (they will appear in the remote Mycodo camera page, widgets, etc.).

Great, thank you - I will give that a try!

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