Pulsing output for humidifier pump

Hi, I’m using the software to run a mushroom fruiting chamber. So far very impressed with the program and I thank you for all your hard work providing this for us for free. Just having trouble with one thing tho, I’m using a misting pump as a humidifier using simple bang bang hysteretic
Function controlled by a dht 22 sensor. Was hoping to be able to program the pump to pulse for a few seconds with a pause for a couple of seconds between pulses when the pump is activated in order to avoid flooding the chamber with too much water. I thought the duration function on the output would be able do this but when a set a time and try to save it it never saves. Can you advise a way to be able to do this if it is possible?

Many thanks

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Hi Richard. The duration field in the Output is for turning the output on for a specific duration immediately. It is generally used to test an output by sending, say 5 seconds and watching if the output turns on for 5 seconds. If you want to have the kind of control you describe with how long an output turns on for in response to a sensor measurement, I would suggest you create a Conditional Function. This will allow you to create a Measurement Condition that will let you query the latest measurement from a sensor, then develop a response to that measurement, such as turning an output on for a specific duration if the measurement is above or below a set constant value.

Many thanks Kyle I’ll try and set that up instead although it’ll take me a while to get my head round it as I’m new to this stuff.

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