Raspi Zero W upgrade error from 8.10.1 --> 8.11.0 Exception checking python dependency: usb.core

Hi, I was upgrading my RasPi Zero W instance and encountered this error. I’m invesitgating now but thought I’d share in case anyone had already seen it and knew a fix.

The Pi Zero has no peripherals attached - it’s just logging CPU/GPU temperatures now.

I’ll update when I learn more. Thanks for any help / troubleshooting tips you might have!


That’s expected. It doesn’t impact the upgrade.

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Oh, that’s a simple fix :wink:


This error results from the dependency-checker not able to properly attempt to import “usb.core” because it has a period in the string. I need to develop a different method for performing this check, such as generating a file with the string “import {import_name}” and attempting to run that script rather than the current method that uses “importlib.util.find_spec(package)”: