Recommended value for pump duration in pH/EC control

Hi, I wonder whether there is any recommendation on the duration of the pumps for controlling the nutrients. Currently, I am using this pump to control both pH and EC with a flowrate around 20mL/min, which is different from the main guide

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I can’t provide you a proper answer but I can tell you you’re missing factors such as how big is your reservoir or sump, how big are the pumps, what parameters are you looking to hit?

Let’s say for a minute you want a 4 hour average. I would dose at a small interval and test to see if you are where you need to be then adjust from there.

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I second @PenguinPonics’s recommendation to run it at 1 second and see how your system responds. It’s better to dose slower and take longer to reach your setpoints than to set it too fast and overshoot them. If you then find it’s too slow, increase the duration a bit and see how it responds.