Responsive web interface

Hey there,

Is it possible to make the dashboard pages responsive for mobile usage? After designing it from a computer, everything’s become mixed up and scattered.

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Dashboards are responsive. Can you provide screenshots of the issue?

this is from the computer

and these are from my iPhone

As you can see, the computer view is clean and tidy whereas the mobile view is scattered with no order between the elements. What might I be doing wrong in here?

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Please don’t crop the browser screenshots, the entire view needs to be visible to be able to compare.

Sorry about that. You can find the uncropped versions below.

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Thanks. That is strange. I’m not sure what’s causing it. The JS library is gridstack, if you want to investigate what the issue could be. I’d recommend making different dashboards for desktop and mobile views.

This was discussed on github:

I found disabling float allowed the mobile layout to remove the excess space between items, but the layout order is the same. I’ve committed the change of float to the code, since this was originally set true before I made a fix for mobile browsers incorrectly/accidentally resetting layouts for desktop views. This change only fixes the issue of excess space in mobile view, not change the sort behavior. Currently I don’t know how to change that.

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I don’t see any available upgrade in Mycodo at the moment. I am currently using the latest version 8.13.10.

You will need to upgrade to master to test pre-release code.

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