Seneye sensors - direct access or via their local webserver product

I’d like to use some Seneye reef sensors in my system.

Ideally I’d like to connect them directly to my Mycodo Pi, but I can’t seem to get any of the direct access methods to work right now.

I actually have one of the seneye web server things so does the Local Data Exchange look viable? Both devices are on the same local network.

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You could create a Mycodo Input as a Listener and have it expose an endpoint that will receive the payload, parse it, and store the data in the Mycodo time series database.

I would recommend incorporating an API key set on the User Config page, so you can manage access to the endpoint you expose, otherwise it could be a security risk.

You can find example Inputs that are Listeners (don’t do anything periodically, but just wait for things to occur) and how to expose a new endpoint in several Widgets. Now that I think about it, you may not be able to create a new endpoint with an Input. I’ll have to think more about this and review the code later to have a better sense of what’s currently possible.

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In the meantime I think I’ve figured out my problems with the direct access method may be that I don’t have a slide in it.

I think the direct access method is preferable, so let me try that again with a slide before wasting your time thinking about the local access method.