Si7021 Celsius 83° Fahrenheit 181°

I am bad at this. So bad at this…
At one point it was all working, it must have been luck.
I disconnected everything and reformatted my pi os. I started with adding one i2c multiplexer tca9548a to my i2c bus1 pins on my pi3.
I go “sudo pip install adafruit-circuitpython-tca9548a”. This installs fine.
I “dtoverlay=i2c-mux,pca9548” in my boot/config.txt. Reboot, I started rebooting between every change I made.
And then I “i2cdetect -l” and see all my new i2c bus’. And then I shutdown and connect/wire 3 si7021 sensors to separate bus on tca9548, I used 14,15,16. Boot back up and i2cdetect a sensors with address 40 on bus 14,15 and 16.
All is perfect and I start fresh install of Mycodo.
After install I reboot and configure Mycodo inputs for 3 si7021 sensors.
I activate these and then go to live readings and see temp of 83°C (this is actually the °in F).
I have been struggling but this is my first time to reach out for help. Before noticing the problem I added a gpio extension PCF8575 using Mycodo output addition to install all dependencies. It is running 2 relays so far and I have been waiting to add my 16 servo i2c board until I get consistent temp reports with no sensor drop outs…
Can I do what I am trying to do… please advise.

Now i am noticing the temp on all 3 sensors reads 83.02 this temp is static and will not change even when heat is applied, however the humidity appears to be tracking and is even controlling on off relay for humidity…

I am losing mind and sleep please help…
Do I have virus!

It appears I have damaged all 3 si7021 sensors.
I tried a fresh sensor and it reports temp accurately in °c and converts correct to °F.
The temp max for si7021 is 85°C and it seems 83.02 might be reported because damage. Maybe I hooked it up to 5v or shorted them while f*ing with relay…

So when you connect only one sensor to the Pi at a time, each from your batch of three do not work properly? Then you connect the new sensor and it works? If that’s the case, you may have damaged them.