Slow UI when using a Pi 4 with VNC

Hey guys,

I was woundering if the speed is normal in which I can use Mycodo and the UI in general.

I made a test video: Mycodo Pi4 speed test VNC - YouTube

I am using VNC Viewer and a Raspberry Pi 4 in my local lan and they are connected to the same switch. When I decrease the image quality in the VNC viewer program it doesnt really matter that much.

To set up, I was using the Pi4 via HDMI and seperat peripherals - It had the same (kinda slow) speed as on the Pi3 I had before, was that normal too?

Greetings from germany!

Hi Aaron,

The Pi has limited resources, especially when it comes to running a graphical interface (Linux window manager). Iā€™d recommend accessing Mycodo with a web browser on another device.