Ssd1309 oled function dependency libtiff5 wont install

Trying to get a ssd1309 2.42 in Oled to work with mycodo but there seems to be a problem with one of the function dependencies.
[2024-02-11 10:40:45] Dependency installation beginning. Installing: libtiff5

[2024-02-11 10:40:45]
[2024-02-11 10:40:45] #### Installing/updating libtiff5 (apt)
[2024-02-11 10:40:45] Reading package lists…
[2024-02-11 10:40:45] Building dependency tree…
[2024-02-11 10:40:45] Reading state information…
[2024-02-11 10:40:45] E: Unable to locate package libtiff5

[2024-02-11 10:40:45] End install of libtiff5
A quick google seemed to show that it might not be supported after a certain update but i really dont know what im looking at. Was able to install with command sudo apt-get install libtiff5-dev but dont know if thats a different version and incompatible and dont know how to get mycodo to use it. Any help would be appreciated but i really dont know any coding just google hahaha.