Support for networked cameras via RTSP protocol?

I’ve been working with Mycodo for about a month now and may have missed how to interact with networked cameras via RTSP. I am currently using urllib camera module, pointing to single snapshot rather than it capturing the continuous stream. Am I missing how to connect via RTSP or would this need to be a new feature request?


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I’m not familiar with RTSP, but I’m sure it could be implemented. I also don’t have any networked cameras.

Support for IP cameras in general would be wonderful. I’ve got existing cameras that it’d be great to integrate.

What I’m using is old smartphone with good camera and an app called IP cam or something similar, turning the phone in to easily accessible cam. I’ve tried the stream option and it works, it’s just a bit harsh on the zero 2, forcing it to restart and rising temp to nearly 60C.