Support for Sensirion SCD30 - RH, Temp & CO2 readings?

I am a noobie to electronics, but I am wanting to build my own mushroom environment controller.

Does the latest version of Mycodo support the [Sensirion SCD30] ?(

Yup. I use the Seeed studio version, it works flawless. Haven’t calibrated it yet though

In general, the Seeed modules are easy to use and connected. You can get hubs and even a hat for the Pi to connect it all without soldering.


That is good news to me.

As a noob, I am still clueless about selecting and setting up the electronics to the Raspberry Pi. It is very slow going.

The docs seem to be vague on a few areas of setup.

What power supply did you use and did you have to use a step-down converter?

Did you set up your system with an ESP32?

If you don’t have experience with very basic programming and electronic, it can be a little bit of a steep learning curve:) A lot of the setup is not directly related to mycodo and as such is not covered by the mycodo documentation. But make sure to look at Kyles different tutorials. Like the hydroponics. It covers the electronic setup as well.

You can use any 5v power supply of your choice, as long as it is capable of providing enough current. Or you can use a 12v and a step-down. This makes most sense if you have pumps or other things with a working voltage of 12v.

What to you need the ESP32 for? Not sure I understand that part. You should be good with just the pi.

I do have a Arduino at hand, its handy for testing sensors and other simple stuff, but its strictly not needed.

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Thanks for the response. Yes, it is a steep learning curve.

Your suggestion of a 12v (to run pumps etc.) and a step down for less voltage devices (ESP32) has given me something to consider.

I initially saw the idea for a mushroom environmental control system following a YouTube channel. That channel used an ESP32 connected to a Raspberry Pi.

I assume that set up was taken because using an ESP32 to connect to a “central” Raspberry Pi means that this approach could accommodate many separate and different grow rooms - mushrooms, flowers, salads, etc.

I am planning to run a separate mushroom grow room and a separate hydroponic grow room connecting to the one Raspberry Pi with a WiFi device such as an ESP32.

I am assuming that this is a valid approach or would using individual and separate Raspberry Pi devices for each grow room be the better approach?

I guess the reason would be if you don’t want the raspberry pi at the same location as your sensors.

If you are new to all of this, I would for sure keep it simple and use a separate pi for each system. You are just adding complexity.

Thanks. Your reply solved a few set up issues I had.