Tentacle T3 will this work

will this work with the system for using the PH / EC and other sensors

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Hi Mike,
Yes, it will work with Mycodo. It merely breaks out the I2C and power pins for 3 EZO boards and 2 pump connectors, just as you could do on a breadboard or PCB.

I use a Tentacle T3 for 2 pumps, a pH sensor, and a temp sensor. They work great.
Tip: to get 2 peristaltic pumps to work I had to change the I2C address of one of them to the next address. I think the first was 67, the second I set to 68.

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OMG, do not overlook this comment!

Spent the last 3 days trying to figure out what the hell was wrong with my setup. First time Pi user. Set up generic pumps and thought maybe I wired something wrong and shorted the Pi. Bought a new Pi and just happened to google the correct terms this time and realized they were in UART instead of I2C. Stupid easy to change but for a noob, this had me pulling my hair out.

Almost ready for vacation!

For any future noob, how to change to I2C → https://youtu.be/GkPVoDmxZs4?t=480

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