Timer output on mycodo

For my first post on the new forum, I have a question about timer…
I’m using mycodo for my drying meat chamber for years now, and i’m very happy with it, it’s a very reliable platform!

but I have a problem, some time to time, i need to set the moisture level very high (95%) and my sensor seems to die very often during this period.
I would like to “protect” my sensor during this high moisture period with a plastic balloon (so that the sensor will only read temperature and not moisture anymore) and “regulate” the water level by only setting the ultrasonic moisture generator ON for 1 minute every 10 minutes…
I tried “trigger/ Duration” but it doesn’t work properly.
Which function should i be using?

Many thanks for this wonderful job!


Hi Nicolas. The Duration Timer Trigger Function is what can be used to turn on an output for a specific duration at a set interval.

Set the Function’s Period to 600 seconds (10 min), then add an Output (on/off/duration) Action, set the appropriate output, set the State to On, and set the Duration to 60 seconds, then activate the Function.

thanks very much! i’ll try