TP-Link Kasa Smart plug energy monitoring

Is it possible to obtain the energy metering data from the Kasa smart plugs?

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Yes, there is an Input, but make sure you get a plug that supports energy monitoring, as not all of them do.

Hi Thanks I was intending on trialing KP115 which seems to be support in python-kasa Emeter ,so there is a kasa input? as i didn’t see one in the menu drop down list.

Yes, type “Kasa” in the input selection.

Hi Kyle I get good results for KP115 energy input monitoring and KP303 output. However;
KP115 using kasa WIFI Power output unable to control output - reports as unconfigured output
An older TP-Link HS110 unable to monitor energy usage or control output - reports as unconfigured output

Please provide any relevant log lines, specifically any errors, from the Daemon Log.