Trigger daily time point not been activated by conditional controller

Hi I have a conditional controller that is coded to activate the Trigger daily time point when conditions are meet so that a pump can be turned on for a set time and duration on the day. What i see is that the conditional is not activating the trigger daily time point. I have noted the conditional can active a trigger duration function. Using RPI 8.14.2 dated 9/27 11:08

Are you sure in the Conditional Function the code is being reached to activate the controller? Are there any errors in the Daemon log?

Hi Kyle I have re-tested this time changing the EC sensor value directly via change in solution mix. This time I see the conditional de-activate the daily time point as required. Maybe changing the logic sense to test was nā€™t the way to test. Is there a way to force measurement values for testing purposes?

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There is a Test Input that allows you to store any value in the time-series database. See Supported Inputs - Mycodo