Trigger: Output (On/Off) if state dont work properly

Hi all

I am new with MyCodo and raspberry so i dont know if i do something wrong.
I m trying to set a Trigger: Output (On/Off) for a relay with action on/off/duration .When i choose to the IF state menu ON(equal to duration ) and set 10 sec doesnt trigger the relay,if i choose no duration,any duration or less it works.
if anyone knows anything plz help!

What you describe is: If Output A turns On for 10 seconds, then execute Action(s). Only when the initial condition is True are the Actions executed. So, it is only true when Output A turns On for a duration of 10 seconds.

yes but i turn on output A for 10 sec but for condition equal to duration or greater or both doesnt work ,doesnt execute actions

Your screenshot has a Duration Equal to 5 seconds, not 10 seconds. If you turn Output 06 CH0 on for a duration of 5 seconds, it will execute the action (Output 02 CH0 turn On). Are you sure you’re turning your output on for a duration of 5 seconds?

basicaly i want to start output 2 after 5 sec

5 seconds after what?

when output 06 is activated i want to activate 5 sec later output 02

Add the “Actions: Pause” Action before your Output Action, and set the pause to 5 seconds. You will need to determine if your Output Trigger needs to trigger on a specific duration or whenever it turns on (regardless of what duration it is).

thank you so much!!!

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