Trying to get a SGP30 TVOC & BH1750FVI-TR lux sensors/modules to work


I can find a Dependency for a BH1750 but not for a BH1750FVI-TR (ambient light meter)but still can’t get the sensor to work.

I also can’t find a dependency for a SGP30 eCo²/TVOC sensor. I tried the dependencies for the only VOC sensors I could find on the dependency list but they don’t work with this sensor.

I tried changing the the I2C bus in both case and still nothing.

Here is the links for both of the modules I’m trying to get working;

Any help is appreciated,


The BH1750 is supported by Mycodo, and already has a dependency associated with it. That dependency is automatically installed when you setup that sensor in the Inputs Page. If you are trying to manually install another dependency other than the one installed by Mycodo, then it will most likely not work because Mycodo is not setup to use dependencies other than the ones that are installed by Mycodo Inputs. There is also a chance that particular sensor will not work if it is a modified/updated version of the BH1750 sensor that needs it’s own special library or dependencies. This is why it is recommended to stick to the hardware in the Mycodo Supported Inputs and Outputs lists.

The SGP30 is not supported by Mycodo as it does not appear in the Supported Inputs list.

If you have a sensor that is not on the supported inputs list, then you will need to write a custom Input module for that sensor. Or choose a sensor that is already supported.

I see.

Thanks for replying.