USB Camera Suggestions

hey there,

I’m looking for a min 1080p video streaming qualified USB webcam which I expect it to be compatible with Raspberry pi 4. Any suggestions?

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The HQ Pi cam is nice. I’ve used it a lot. Being able to change lenses is great. I don’t ever stream, so I can’t speak to that end. I don’t recommend streaming in Mycodo anyway, as it’s not very stable.

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I actually look for more like USB based connectivity since other kind of camera cables are vulnerable. Because I want to locate my camera far from the Raspberry, it gets damaged easily which happened twice so far.

What kind of issues does it cause? Streaming is an important part of my project.

Streaming has become better, especially if you use a newer Pi (Pi 3 and 4) and set the framerate low (1 - 5 fps) and a resolution that isn’t extremely high. It’s resource intensive and it sometimes causes the frontend to hang. The options I mentioned previously didn’t exist until recently, and were added to help lower the strain on the Pi, making streaming more stable.

Another option is to use the camera widget and have it show a still image every 20 to 60 seconds. You get the recent image without the resource-heavy and potentially buggy streaming.

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Makes sense. Have you ever had a chance to try wifi cameras on Raspberry Pi? If so, is it compatible with Mycodo too?

Yes, there are several camera libraries that support networked cameras, image streams, or just pulling images from an address (such as showing the latest weather radar image you found on a weather site).

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