Using a solenoid valve to control misting for different zones/tanks, with a single MistKing pump?


I am trying to build a MyCodo system to manage multiple small greenhouses on a balcony. Each greenhouse would likely have different temperature/humidity, based on location/sunlight etc.

The plan is to use a Atlas Scientific humidity sensor (e.g. EZO-HUM) for each zone (greenhouse) to measure temperature/humidity, and then set target humidity in MyCodo.

For misting, I’d be using a single MistKing pump for all three zones. (Rather than using say, 3 different pumps, with 3 different buckets etc.).

However, because the MistKing is a single pump, it will either pump or not.

My idea was to use something like this MistKing Solenoid Valve (Normally Closed) to allow me to separately pump into each zone. According to that description, normally this is piggy-backed onto the MistKing pump power, so when it pumps, that valve opens (e.g. to fill up a reservoir from the tap at the same time it pumps, I guess). However, any 24V DC power supply should be able to trigger that solenoid.

My question is - how would I do this via MyCodo?

As in, does anybody know how I can setup different humidity zones in MyCodo, and somehow trigger the single MistKing pump, and the correct solenoid to pump to that zone? Any caveats to bear in mind with this approach?


Please go through Conditional Controller section of Mycodo. You can do it easily if you read that section properly. As far as my understanding goes, you want to control humidity of three different zones? You must be able to do it with single pump and 3 valves, for 3 different zones. This is my understanding from the link you have shared.

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