Using the amazing Mycodo with a egg incubator - timer question


I can see how to get most components of my egg incubator sorted with Mycodo, just asking what would be the best way to keep track of days.

The total incubation cycle is 21 days, the first 18 days the eggs are turned every hour. For the last 3 days the eggs don’t turn. Would I need a custom function to count days do you think? Or is there a built method that would work best for this?


What are you envisioning this looking like? Are you wanting to be notified at a certain time, just display a calendar on the dashboard, or something else?

Hi Kyle,

I was thinking of a countdown, just display a 21 on first day and decrease every day at the same time.
If there was a power disruprion would it be possible to retrieve the day it was on at the time? Also be able to use the day value to run actions, like first 18 days eggs are turned by motor, but must stop for the last three.


It’s certainly possible, but you would have to develop either a custom widget module or work with the Status Widget and use the Status Statement of the Conditional Controller Function to develop code to count down from a specific time/day and then return the day value as the status. This will be read by the Status Widget and displayed on the dashboard.