Visualizing data older than one day

hey there,

@KyleGabriel I was wondering whether the system keeps the log only for one day. If so, is there a way to enable all time logging/visualizing? Because, I can only access one day of data while observing the charts on dashboard.

thanks in advance

Under Menue > Data > Asynchronous Graphs you can access “all data” that have been logged.
On the dashboard you can change the X-Axis Duration of the Graph Widget.

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Can it be only speficied with the X-axis duration? What if I want to observe from the beginning? Should I update that value constantly?

For statistical views you can use the [all data] function under Data > Asynchronous Graphs.
But as I understand, you want this function on the daily dashboard?

I wasn’t aware of the Asynchronous Graphs in the beginning. It would work for me as well.

But, would be great if I could apply the same on the daily dashboard.