Welcome to the Forum

Welcome! :wave:

This forum is for discussing DIY automation and control systems, as well as other topics such as biology, engineering, circuitry, software development, and other related topics.

This is also the official forum for the Mycodo environmental regulation system. This is also probably how most of you found your way here.

Here are a few tips for using this forum:

  • Please first read the Forum FAQ/Guidelienes.

  • Check out the Categories to see how the forum is organized.

  • Check out the Docs for special topics specifically written for inclusion in the Docs pages.

  • Before posting, use the search to find if there’s already a topic discussing what you’re looking for.

  • Before posting an issue with Mycodo, review the changelog to determine if your issue has already been fixed in the yet-to-be released version.

  • When you first create an account, you will be very limited with what you can do in a post. Once you view several topics and read for a bit, your trust level will be automatically upgraded, unlocking more posting abilities. Read more about Understanding Trust Levels.

  • When creating a topic, select a category that best-fits the discussion. If no category really fits, leave it uncategorized. Also choose relevant tags from those that are available (once you’ve posted a while, you will gain the ability to create new tags).

  • If you notice spam or inappropriate comments, use the flag function at the bottom of the post to let us admins and moderators know and we will investigate.

  • Patreon Supporters are automatically added to the supporter group if you use the Patreon login method. However, this does not automatically happen for Github Sponsors if you use the Github login method (I’m exploring how this can be done automatically). So, If you’re a Github Sponsor, please send me a message and I’ll add you to the appropriate group so you can access the supporters-only channels.

As our community grows and I become more familiar with this server, this topic will be updated with new information. If you would like to learn about some of the features of this forum, check out the Discourse Features page. If you have a recommendation for how to improve this forum, feel free to start a new topic to let us know.