Which function type lets a relay to trigger in Mycodo startup

hey there,

I have a script that closes all my relays at boot time (before Mycodo startup services). One of the relays controls my water pump which needs to be ON all the time. Is there any specific function type in Mycodo that lets me trigger my relay ON at boot time? I am also down for tweaks in functions like checking a specific output (water pump in my case) whether it is ON or OFF and if OFF, switch it back as ON. thanks in advance!

Share a bit more about how your system is set, please. This might not be the best solution in your case, but I have an esp hooked to the relay and Mycodo has MQTT publish option so the esp is waiting for on/off command. The output setting of mqtt allows you to decide what would you like to publish upon boot or at switching it off, and you could incorporate that to a function via an mqtt action, so possibilities are quite a few.

All On/Off Outputs have the ability to set the Startup State to either On or Off.

For anyone else looking for this…

I have an 8Ch controller (relays) controlled by a PCF8574, each of those can be configured to start with a state of on or off (see picture).