Why is Mycodo a standalone project and not integrated into OpenHAB or HassIO?

Hello Hackers!

Can you please help me understand when to use what?
What are the benefits and drawbacks of Mycodo versus OpenHAB or HassIO?

What do you think about IOTstack?

Thank you, take care!
- me

Hi, me. Have you used any of the software you mentioned?

Yes, IOTstack, Openhab and Tasmota on a Sonoff.

To me seems to me like Mycodo is taylored to environment control tasks and monitoring and I wonder if Mycodo would be a good general purpose home automation control server?

Bud I’d really like to hear that from you or a user :smiley:

Thanks for the answer Kyle,
stay safe!

Just wondering your level of familiarity before getting into it. Mycodo is geared toward environmental monitoring and control, but it has also grown over the years to have more general appeal. It’s designed to be easy to set up and use with most functionality available from the UI without needing to edit any code or configuration files. It also has the ability to import custom-built modules to add functionality. As far as its difference from the other software, it’s probably the easiest to set up and start using to interface with your sensors and output devices out-of-the-box.

Yeah, that’s what a first look without installing Mycodo revealed.

If you can spare the time I’d like to interview you, as I’m currently writing my thesis about urban gardening and could use someone with perspective about biology to cite. Just to be clear, I’m on the final stretch and did solder a solution for just irrigation and soil moisture control which I adapted OpenSprinklers C++ code for, but am looking into other stuff too. Farm Beats from Mircosoft with TV-whitespaces seems cool too but I need to stop rn and consolidate my knowledge and finally add a conclusion.

I want to cite all the solutions and want to use this work to point hungry people into the right direction. That’s why I asked, when to use Mycodo compared to the others.

Anyways, thank you for your awesome work and I look forward to trying it out. Unfortunately rn I’m not in the position to fool around but have to wrap up till end of month.

Thank you for your questions/answers :grin:

Sure. Would you like to interview here or in private? Let me know what you prefer. You can send me a private message if you click my name.

I’m sorry, please excuse me. I had to focus on submitting my Bachelors Thesis.

I just submitted it and sent it to you too.

In short I continue my education into IOT and come from this OpenSprinkler project and want to continue to develop and reiterate distributed (urban) “plant care” concepts in alignment with UN’s SDGs in my upcoming Master Thesis.

As the university has the rights to the work I’d love work at a free software project!