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I’m from South Africa and currently we experiencing extremely high blackouts that cause my backup inverter to run down(5 hours blackout - 3 hours electricity). When the power is up again and the Pi starts up the Daemon is not running and all the functions keeps on running and when I try to deactivate the function it says there is a error and it can’t be done. Then the popup screen comes after that and it confirms that the function is being deactivated, but still nothing happens. When I try to restart the backend and frontend to get it going again the Daemon still says it is not running. I even restarted the Pi to get the Daemon running. Will not happen. That forces me to reload the Mycodo again and start from scratch to get the functions up and running. Is there another way to restart the Daemon other than the Restart Backend or Restart Frontend?

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I’ve seen a problem where a brief power failure or briefly un-plugging the power source doesn’t restart the Daemon. But, I think it’s been enough time for the residual power to drain off in any of the capacitors.

My solution has been to leave the power off overnight.

If the daemon doesn’t start at bootup, you may have data corruption on your hard drive. A normally-operating system will see the daemon automatically start at every bootup. I would find a way to detect when your backup inverter begins operating and have a script properly shut down the system rather than allowing power to be spontaneously shut off while it’s running, which can cause a host of issues as a result of data corruption.

The daemon has a systemd service, which you can start/stop/restart/status with the service command, e.g. sudo service mycodo status

Hi Kyle

Again many thx for your effort. I just installed a new SD card today to see if that will rectify the problem.

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