Introducing the carrier board designed for Mycodo, the HiveBoard

Hello Everyone,

Introducing the HiveBoard Carrier Board ecosystem. Designed specifically to make Mycodo setups easier to create and setup, but still giving the creator the full control of their system. Now available for shipping

The main item is the HiveBoard

with the connecting daughter board the DroneBoard, which adds some functionality (2 more EZO sensors and a JST-SH connector) to the system and makes the user controlled drone outputs easier to use

and finally the DroneBoard Basic if you just want a simple drone breakout board.

This board replaces the need for roughly $200-$250 worth of components, and you do not have to worry about wiring everything together, just plug into the board

if you have any questions please let me know

This project has been a 2 year personal hobby of mine which has grown to what it is now. I am just one person who made something that i want to share with the community. If you have any suggestions for the board, i will do my best to implement any reasonable ones to the next revision. The whole purpose of this project is for a DIY’er to easier deploy a system like Mycodo.