Light control (dimming)

Hey there.
I’m just thinking; is there is any way to use mycodo for light-control ?

I saw mycodo does support PWM (used for fans in that example) - which MeanWell drivers also has the ability for. But most people use a potentiometer for controlling LED drivers. But there are also digital potentiometers usable with arduino like the X9C103. So maybe could be also an option for mycodo?

Anyone knows whats the best way to control these drivers?


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The same PWM board I made to control fan speed can be used to control the light intensity of grow lights that have a PWM input. I’m using one of those boards right now to control the intensity of 4 AC Infinity LED grow lights. If your light can be controlled by resistance/potentiometer, there is one digital potentiomter already supported in Mycodo, the DS3502.

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@Em_Ka Hey man, late reply, but maybe it is of use for you
After a lot of researching i found a circuit that allows the generation of a 0-10v control signal. This signal is also what is used to control most LED drivers / HVAC equipment through a potentiometer. Maybe it is of use to you: Schematic: Using PWM to generate a 0-10v control signal

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